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3303 Lee Parkway, Suite 440
Dallas, TX, 75219
T: 469-359-5000
 Company Description
Gardenuity is a new social selling gardening company based in Dallas Texas. The company combines extraordinary garden products with a solid business model, competitive compensation plan, committed leadership, and personal training and support. Together, this creates the perfect opportunity for you to own a business that aligns your personal and career priorities.

With fresh products and forward-thinking ideas on entrepreneurship, the company offers a distinctive line of garden-inspired products that make gardening easy and successful for everyone. Gardenuity products are sold exclusively through social selling, person-to-person, and online. Our products are different because of their quality, heritage and high performance results. We have the highest standards and new science behind each product we sell.

The Gardenuity business model is smart and partners current technology with proven marketing practices. Sharing the opportunity and the products is easy. It can be done online, at a restaurant, or at a friend’s home. The earning potential the Gardenuity business model brings to each associate is tremendous.

We invite you to become among the first in a group of independent associates who will introduce customers to Gardenuity garden products and the business opportunity.