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20/20 EyeCare
20/20 EyeCare
3960 FM 2181 Ste. 100
Hickory Creek, TX, 75065
T: 940-497-4971
 Company Description

Primary Care Optometry

Diagnosis Treatment and Management of Eye Disease, Ocular Surface Disease, Glaucoma, Contacts lenses, Orthokeratology, also Lasik and Cataract care. Professional Speaker for Alcon, Allergan, Inspire and Ista Pharma companies and Hoya Vision care
Member-Director for IDOC North Texas region
By Increasing my speaking engagements I am better able to learn from and connect with my peers, also through personal patient experiences, which brings value to Doctors, Staff and patients.


Diagnosis Treatment and Management of Dry Eye, Allergy, Lid Disease, Bacterial Conjunctivitis Glaucoma, Lasik Consultations with follow up care, Diagnosis and Management of Cataracts and Diabetic Eye Care also Advanced Contact Lens Care including myopia control, color blind lens, astigmatism, multi-focal lens.