Hope for the Heaths

Why do we fall? To learn to how to pick ourselves back up. The Heath Family had a complete 180 downturn when Michael was out gardening and injured his ankle, which ultimately led to infection and amputation.



He and his wife, Kelly, have a son named Chase. This experience became very hard on him, especially when they went from an average American suburban family to having to live in a trailer and unemployed. Chase, 15, has found a lot of peace and support at the Church of Corinth. He has immersed himself in faith, and with the help of strong community members, his family can get back up.


A change so radical in someone’s live has so much effect; our goal is provide the Heath family with support, both emotionally and financially.



We raise funds for every person you recommend our way for a quote! We are not asking for your donation, we are asking to donate for YOU!



Please recommend a friend or family member whom you would think will benefit from our services, all we want to do is quote them! Your recommendation can make a huge difference in a family’s life.









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