The Kari Beauchamp Friends Fund

Kari Beauchamp and her husband Chad have lived in Corinth for 16 years where they reside with their 3 children. Kari was diagnosed 9/11/13 with Pulmonary Fibrosis. This was a devastating diagnosis because PF is a progressive and terminal illness. Kari's only hope is a double lung transplant.

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Kari was officially placed on the national wait list for her new lungs and got a lung transplant last Thanksgiving. As the medical bills mount, she is also faced with up to 12 very costly medications daily for the rest of her life. Along with prayer, we are hoping we can raise money to help alleviate the daunting financial burden that lies ahead.

Kari, her husband and children appreciate and thank you for your prayers and support during this very difficult time in their lives 


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