Lake Cities Community Aid Fund

Meet the wonderful organization, The Lake Cities Community Aid Fund. This extremely helpful resource seeks to help members of our community who find themselves in need of emergency financial assistance. This program is supported by various churches and organizations located in the Lake Cities area who have united their resources for the sole purpose of providing help to individuals in need.


The Aid Fund does not discriminate in regard to race, sex, color, national origin, age, political beliefs, religion, sexual preference or disability. Attendance at any church or religious service is not required to receive assistance. In 2013, the Aid Fund distributed $10,314.54 to 123 needy families in our community.

The primary client base are people who have experienced job loss, health issues, and senior citizens. Many people they help are living on fixed income and struggle to pay for basic utilities when our town experiences periods of extreme heat or extreme cold. For elderly residents and those with small children, having their water or electricity turned off due to non-payment is extremely difficult and often unhealthy. This past winter has been especially hard for many living in our community as winter heating bills were double and triple what these households usually experience.

Many of the poorest residents in our community live in mobile homes or old homes with inadequate insulation. For them, this past winter has been especially hard. Not only were their heating bills extremely high, the freezing temperatures lead to frozen water pipes and consequently leaks which have added an additional financial burden to already struggling families.

The resources are running extremely low, and in order for these people to get the help they need, the Aid Fund needs to have money. The donations raised during this campaign will go towards filling up the community Aid Fund so people who are in need can be taken care of.

By donating to this campaign, you can make a difference in many lives in our Lake Cities community.

On behalf of Mark Tucker Insurance, I want to thank you for your generosity.

Mark Tucker

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