Let's Advocate For Children With Autism

The American Autism Association's mission is to help families through their journey as they raise a child with autism. They offer information, support for families, and free of cost recreational programs or workshops for families.


Raising a child with autism can be difficult – whether it be the caretaking itself, or the pressures and misunderstanding from those around you. The American Autism Association seeks to advocate for all who are perceived as different, from the highest of functioning forms of autism to the more intensive special needs cases.


American Autism Association


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We are proud to support this remarkable organization and advocate for all the local children with autism in our community. Join our #AgentsofChange program and support the American Autism Association today!

Our agency will donate $10 to the American Autism Association on your behalf for every recommendation you send our way, and we'll add you to our monthly drawing for a $50 Gift Card.

Getting involved has never been so simple, of Free!

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