Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Meet the hard working Harris family. Will Harris was a long-term employee of the local Hickory Creek Chili's restaurant, who never experienced any health issues. His family never expected to lose him so early in life, and so unexpectedly. At the young age of 43, Will passed away due to a sudden brain aneurism, leaving behind a loving wife and two beautiful children under the age of 12, a boy and a girl.


Left with very little to meet the family's immediate needs, Will's widow has struggled to support the children and their household. Even basic expenses, such as food, utility bills and transportation have become too heavy on them.

Raising two kids in today's world can be daunting when both parents are around to provide the necessary support. But the challenge is much tougher when a parent is struck by the ultimate misfortune a family might be forced to endure. Having just their mother to do the job now, the Will children might suffer restrictions that are even harder to cope with as they learn to face a reality without their loving father at home.

As the family grieves, they also hurt with fear and apprehension, not knowing what the future holds or how to meet their needs, now and then.

Understanding that this family's struggles are just beginning, as a heartbroken widow and two kids prepare for the financial hardship likely lying ahead, the Hickory Creek Helping Hands and the Mark Tucker Agency are vested in raising enough funds to alleviate some of the immediate burden. The main purpose of the Helping Hands committee is to serve Hickory Creek residents in need when unexpected tragedies or situations happen to one's family (loss) or household (fire). In this situation, a joint initiative is formed, to provide minimal relief to the family, so that they can have some time to grieve and maybe even recover.

Please consider joining us in bettering our community and contributing to the wellbeing of a family that is experience unparalleled loss. Every $1 counts at this critical time! May God continue to bless your family, and the Town of Hickory Creek.

On behalf of Mark Tucker Insurance, we want to thank you in advance for your generosity.

Mark Tucker

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